Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Map of Tonga

Hello (and Goodbye) Everyone!

Please excuse my first post.  It's not going to be too exciting.  Seeing as I'm quite a novice blogger, I decided I should get the ball rolling before jetting off to Tonga. If you're family, my mom probably emailed you already to tell you I'm headed to the Peace Corps (thanks Ger!).  If you aren't lucky enough to be on Momma Graves mass email list, you can just read this!

I am going to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in the archipelago nation of Tonga!  You should really google it. It is a fascinating place and I'm so excited to have the chance to live, work, and play there for 27 months. By day, I'll be a Business Teacher at a secondary school on one of Tonga's 176 islands (176!?! I know, that's wild!).  By night, I'm hoping to be involved in a lot of extra curricular and community building groups and projects.

I leave October 5th, so call me before then and we'll chat!  Otherwise, toki sio!  I'll see you in 2 years!