Saturday, October 23, 2010

Notes from Nora's mom

Hi Friends and family,

Nora doesn't have internet yet so we thought we would try to keep you up on what she is doing.  She is happily living with a Tongan family of 5 (dad, mom, 2 daughters, ages 14 & 8, one son age 11).  She is living on the island of Foa, which is part of the Ha Apai group of islands.  See google earth.  The city is Lotofoa and has about 300 people, 40 houses.  They eat lots of seafood (no surprise there), chicken, root vegetables and fruit.  She said pigs and dogs run around freely.  Nora says she is learning lots of the Tongan words but is still struggling with putting sentences together.  She likes her family a lot. Many of the activities are tied up with celebrations, many religious.  Her language/culture class is right near her home and she goes there Monday-Friday with the other 7 Peace Corps workers.  If anyone wants to call her the phone # is 011 676 778 5673.  She will learn soon just what she will be doing for a job.  We will keep you posted.

Harry & Geri Graves    

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  1. Harry and Geri, Thanks for stepping in and 'blogging' for Nora. We really look forward to news and updates.