Friday, March 4, 2011

Heeeellllllllooooo Vava'u!

This week I had the pleasure of accompanying my good friend and fellow Peace Corps volunteer, Stereo Sephora, to her radio show.  Miss Sephora loves gracing the airwaves and quickly got involved with radio when we arrived in Tonga.  Yesterday, on my weekly field trip to the big city, I joined her and tried my hand at the radio biz.  Vava’u has a grand total of two radio stations that play quite the variety of music.
I’ve mentioned before the strange variety of music popular here [remember? a plethora of Bieber Fever, Mariah Carey, and any song  Bob Marley-fied!].  There are DJs here that create some bizarre and fantastic mixes.  Have you ever wished to hear a Queen song with just a few Lil’ John ‘Oh Yeahs’ mixed in?  Well.  If so, come on over to Tonga and your wish shall be granted. 

Luckily, during my foray into radio with Stereo Sephora, we played the classics.  DJ Nautical Nora sent some Styx and Steve Miller Band out into the airwaves.  Sephora has some amazing taste in music and plays lots of tunes from the 40s and 50s.  I have much to learn, but I’d say my first radio experience was a great time.  Highlights included a request from a listener who calls himself the 'midnight falcon.'  I spent two hours sitting in an old shipping container [pretty fancy station location, eh?], shooting the breeze with a good friend and some good music.  Just another Friday afternoon in Tonga, eh?


  1. What a great experience for you!

    Be on the look out for our shipment of school supplies. The kids are so excited about your teaching experience!

    Stay safe,
    Aunt Dee

  2. DJ Nautical Nora, haha well played, and the Steve Miller Band rocks...I'm happy to hear you're okay over there! Keep up the good work

    Adam T