Friday, August 5, 2011

NEW ZEALAND: Mokomoko lelei!


'Mokomoko lelei' is a lovely term used in Tonga to describe the rare day when we have some cool, breezy weather!  Recently, a few friends and I traveled to New Zealand for two whole weeks of 'mokomoko lelei' days!  We started our journey in Tonga by taking a 20 hour ferry trip to the main island... quite a delight!  In New Zealand, we rented the 'El Cheapo' minivan and cruised around the North Island visiting Auckland, Whangarei, Rotorua, Napier, Wellington, and Taupo.

The trip was a much appreciated re-entry into 'clean life!'  There was a hot shower to be had every day, my feet weren't covered in mud on a daily basis, the mass of fluff on top of my head actually laid down and looked like normal hair, and most importantly there were enormous grocery stores with aisles and aisles of delicious food ripe for the taking!!!

The only downfall of this dear, sweet trip?  A nice customs official confiscated the THREE jars of delectable peanut butter I was attempting to bring back to Tonga.  Note for the future: Peanut Butter is considered a liquid.  Don't say you haven't been

Click here to peruse some NZ pictures:

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  1. Nora! I love your pictures and post about NZ. I'm so jealous! I can tell you're having a great time. I'm jealous that Tonga has you!