Thursday, March 8, 2012

Garden Fairies: Take 2

Last year around this time, I received a delightful surprise in the form of neighborhood ladies attempting to spruce up my little yard.  By spruce up, I mean cut the knee high grass, chase out some pigs, and pull a profuse amount of weeds!

This year, instead of waiting for the neighborhood ladies to take pity on the poor Peace Corps’ yard, I put my students’ excess energy to good use.  All 23 of my Class 6 hooligans paraded down the street to my house after school.  We cranked up some tunes and began hacking away at the VERY tall grass in my yard.  Every time I tried to cut some grass or even pick up a broom, one of the kids would come steal it away and demand that I sit down and ‘supervise’ the music selection.  [They recently learned about ‘demands’ and ‘requests’ in class and definitely enjoy the ‘demands’ a bit more than the ‘requests’!]

As you can see, I decided this was a good time to bring out the camera.  Unfortunately, the productivity of my little workers decreases significantly anytime a camera appears.  I had to start telling them I would only take pictures of kids who were actually working.  I can never get a good candid, they enjoy posing for the pictures way too much!

A good time was had by all, and the rat situation has abated a bit thanks to brush reduction.  What a successful day!

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