Thursday, May 19, 2011

Malo e ngaue malohi! [Thanks for your hard work!]

Is there such a thing as Teacher Appreciation Day?  I’m assuming that as we devote a whole day to celebrating trees (Happy Arbor Day!), teachers definitely deserve a day as well.  That being said, I am declaring today my own Teacher Appreciation Day!  So, if you’re a teacher in any way, shape, or form; give yourself a pat on the back today.  You have an extremely challenging and important job.

Thoughts about teachers have popped into my brain lately, possibly because two remarkable teachers from my childhood are retiring this year.  They have both been teachers for longer than I’ve been alive, and that is certainly something to celebrate.  They possess the kindness, creativity, and almost superhuman patience required of any good teacher.  I think it’s pretty amazing that these two women devoted their professional lives to teaching and they absolutely deserve a long and relaxing retirement beginning very soon!

I’ve always respected the work of teachers, but my work with Peace Corps has taken that respect to a whole new level!  I'm a pretend teacher who is, at maximum, in the classroom a few hours per day and this is still the hardest job I’ve ever had!  Although, it should be noted that my previous jobs have included McDonald’s employee, gas station attendant, concession stand worker, lifeguard, office assistant, camp counselor, and nanny.  I will be the first to admit, my previous jobs have essentially been a walk in the park [with the exception of McDonald’s, that was actually pretty challenging. ;)].  My employment history aside, the point is that I’ve realized teachers deserve a LOT of respect and admiration for their hard work.

From young teachers just beginning their years in the classroom to veteran teachers winding down after years of service… THANKS!   

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